Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday May 23 2010

I got some good rides in last week total miles 108.4.  Saturday was not so great.  I rode with the mckinney velo group and my legs were not cooperating.  On top of that, there was a southwind blowing from 15 to 20 mph.  I just kept the legs spinning the best I could.  I only averaged 14.4 mph.  I am just glad it was over. 

Last night, I was invited to a Mckinney Velo party.  Stephen Weber and his wife Julie hosted the party and it was great to fellowship with the riders from that team.  I am probably going to join the group.  They are a great group of guys and gals.  They all have been very encouraging.

Today, I went for a very short ride to loosen up the legs and took the kids out this afternoon for a ride. We jumped up in the pool after that.  A good Sunday.

This week I am gearing up for some Crit racing.  First one on Tuesday night.  I am bit nervous but I want to be prepared for bike the bricks.  Not sure where I am going to fit in but I am going to do my best to hang.  I just pray I don't crash. : )

Monday, May 17, 2010

Back from the Dead.

Well I know it's been awhile.  I have been trying to recover from allergies.  I finally had my first good week on the bike.  I rode 53 miles with the group from Plano Bicycling Association.   We headed out to Lake Lavon in Texas.  They opened up the dam for an event that we were hoping to bypass.  Well we made it over the dam but someone flatted and we had to wait.  Then all the other cyclists started to fly by.  How embarrassing.  This was their race and we were in the middle of it.  Anyway, we pressed on.  We were challenged to go up a couple of hills that were not so challenging.  As I was getting ready for the second climb, I noticed a cyclist in front of me that I was about to pass and shouted on your left.  He couldn't hold is line and yelled again "On your left!"  He didn't slide over.  We shared some words and I chose to ignore him.  Obviously, he had a different understanding of what "On your left" meant.

I was up front for the most of the ride led us back over the damn which was nice.  With about 7 miles to go my legs were getting tired.  I had led most of the way and now the guys who sat on our wheels all day pushed forward.  Andrew one the guys I met last time was riding a hybrid with knobby tires.  He kept up without a problem.  Nice to be young. : ) 

Overall it was a great ride at an avg speed of 18 mph.  Not too bad.  A lot of complainers that the pace was too fast.  Oh well.  One woman was complaining that she got dropped in a no no drop group.  She was able to catch up because the red lights. 

On Sunday I rode out to Weston TX, 30 miles at an avg speed of 15 mph.  I took it easy and just got the legs spinning.  I am now getting ready to watch stage 2 of the Tour of California.  It looks like it rained in Stage 2. 

Quit complaining and keep peddling!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Friday - Monday April 30 - May 3

Rode 17.82 miles at avg speed of 17.2 mph on Friday.  Yoo hoo that was fun.  I took the day off from riding on Saturday and helped Danielle with a yard sale.  We made a little cash and the garage is squeaky clean. The rest of the day was filled with chores and playing XBOX with Alex. 

Sunday, I got in with group.  I almost missed them as the passed on the other side of the road.  I had to hop off the bike and run up over the median to catch them.  I went a little further than usual but couldn't hang.  Tim flatted and the group waited on him as I rolled up to help.  I gave him CO2 since he had nothing to inflate his tire.  So, I was back with the group but not for long.  Alex wanted to go to Toys R US because he had 3 gift cards.  So I turned early to head back home.  I rode 30.29 miles avg speed 16.4 mph.  The south wind was gusting at 25 mph and I could never get settled into a good pace.  I wasn't happy with my ride. 

Today, I didn't get to ride because of rain and should be back on the bike tomorrow.  I mad salmon cakes for dinner which turned out pretty good.  I was surprised how tasty they were.  It must be because I am an excellent cook.

Keep eating and peddling!