Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedneday - Sunday April 26,2010

I went out with the group last Wednesday, knowing I was sick.  I did manage to keep up for a little while and took my normal shortcut. 

The next morning, I felt horrible.  I went to my doctor and she loaded me up with meds. For three days, I stayed in bed.  I was unable to attend the Germafest Bike Rally in Muenster, TX.  : (  I was pretty heart broken but my health is more important.  Danielle took very good care of me. : ) 

Yesterday, I felt a bit better and I had to get the legs spinning again.  Danielle chased me on her scooter.  I went at a very slow pace and managed 22 miles at an avg speed of 14mph.  Like I said, I took real slow.

I am still not a 100%.  I am not going to ride this evening and just get some more rest.  I am still very tired. It sucks not feeling well especially when the weather is perfect.

Drink plenty of fluids and keep peddling!

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