Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Week Eater Sunday - Tuesday April 13th

Sorry for the delay but seriously who reads this anyway.  Hopefully, this blog will be around for my children to read and say, wow dad was one crazy cyclist. : )

Easter Sunday, I rode 40 miles and enjoyed a nice easter dinner with Danielle, Dianne and the puppies.  Glazed Ham, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus wrapped with prosciutto.

April 5th:  I took the day off from cycling

April 6th: Checked out the crit race off of renner road.  Man, it was pretty exciting!!!
The first race was interesting and in the second race, 4 guys broke from the group and were never caught.
I didn't hang too long for the third race but I did watch them start.  Holy cycling shoes, Batman!  They jumped on the pedals like their life depended on it.  It was a huge fast start and watching them going into the corners almost at full speed was mind numbing.

April 7th:  Rode with a small group from Mckinney Velo and it was a tough ride. West wind was blowing with wind gusts at 35 mph.    

April 8th:  Caught Doc Perkins on my solo ride and we broke off because I needed the extra miles.  I had my best ride solo.  20 miles with an average speed of 17.8 mph.  I was tried for 18 but couldn't hit it.

April 9th:  Day off and day of rest for my Saturday ride.

April 10th:  I rode with a different group from PBA (Plano Bicycling Association).  50.11 miles with an average speed of 17.1 mph.  Great ride overall.  I stayed up front for most of the day.  We split out at the lake for riders who wanted to go for a longer distance.  We split again at Renner Rd.  I went with the faster group.  We tried to get a pace-line started but didn't happen.  We caught db-lite at a light and surged forward.  It was just a few guys sharing the load pulling the rest of the group.  It was okay I really enjoyed pushing myself.  All in all great ride!  

April 11:  Took the children for a leisurely 6 mile ride.  Well not leisurely for them but they enjoyed it.

April 12:  I did some hill training out at Erwin Park.  Kept the Cadence up and managed okay.  

April 13:  Today!!! I rode 19.5 miles 15.7 mph.  South wind slowed me down.

Whew!!! I have 853.9 miles this year and getting ready for Germanfest Rally in Muenster, TX.



  1. Thanks John! I read yours everyday. You really put in the miles!