Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 20th

Oh gee.  Didn't get a chance to ride my bike last weekend.  Crazy weahter in Texas.  We received 8 inches of snow and it that is very unusual for this part of Texas.  Actually I think it is very unusual for any part of Texas. 

Anyway I managed to get out yesterday but for only a quick 20.57 mile ride.  It's pouring rain outside now but hopefully it will clear out by this afternoon.  I felt really good yesterday.  My legs were burning which was okay because it made me push harder.
I am going to make an effort to ride Wednesday night with the group.  Anyway that is all for now going to make an egg white omelette with some green peppers, tomatoes, and little bit of cheese.  So enjoy the winter pictures and keep peddling.


  1. So does Texas grind to a halt like the UK does???

    Its laughable here, they are blaming our cold snap on the terrible state of the roads, unfortunately the state of the roads has been a ticking time bomb from decades of lack of maintenance :-(

    Its good that you still managed to get out for 20. riding on frozen stuff always bothers me.

  2. Yes! Actually the road conditions are pretty nice because it never snows but when it does it's a mess. People shouldn't drive but they do. We don't have the snow removing equipment. Lucky for us the snow doesn't last very long maybe a day or two.

    It doesn't really get that cold out here. I have been reading your blog and I don't think you get me out here.

    Cheers John and keep peddling!