Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 6,7,8

Cold and dreary.  I rode 40.29 miles with a north west wind at roughly 10 miles per hour.  I could not feel my feet.  I need some warmer gear.  On Sunday, I rode my old route a little over 20 miles with a south east wind of 12 mph.  Again, my feet were freezing even after doubling up on my socks.  Oh well.  Yesterday I ran my usual 5k and that felt pretty good.  I got on the scale this morning down to 201 from 204.  Wednesday nights are sprint nights with Mckinney Velo.  If the weather cooperates, I will try to make it out at 6 pm.

Pictures below are from Sunday's ride.

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  1. Now they look like nice empty...and flat roads :-)

    I am suffering from cold feet this year...My solution has been waterproof sock's, palstic carrier bags and overshoes :-) They have kept me going at -5 :-)